Post Malone Argues That He Did Not Add Anything ‘Original’ To The Song

PostMalone NMEReading21 EmmaViolaLilja 4 - Post Malone Argues That He Did Not Add Anything ‘Original’ To The Song

The 26-year-old star, his producer Frank Dukes, and Universal Music Group were sued by Tyler Armes in April 2020, who was seeking royalties and other money owed from the track, as well as asking for co-writer and co-producer credits on the song, and on the same day, the ‘Rockstar’ hitmaker filed a lawsuit of his own to ask a judge to rule the man had no claim to the song’s copyright and was not involved in writing it.

And now, in a new court filing, Post – whose real name is Austin Post – insisted Tyler didn’t contribute anything “original” to the song, just “an admittedly extremely commonplace guitar chord progression,” and potentially a “fragment of a guitar melody that Armes claims he sung to Post”.

New court documents obtained by Rolling Stone magazine read: “Armes admitted that his contributions did not even rise to the level of originality, which is also required in addition to the fixation requirement. He either conceded that his ideas were commonplace musical devices or failed to meet his burden to demonstrate any originality otherwise. Armes thus cannot even establish the threshold requirement that he made a copyrightable contribution.


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