Brandy To Release “B7” Friday, Discusses Working With 18-Year-Old Daughter On Album

GettyImages 1170207899 - Brandy To Release "B7" Friday, Discusses Working With 18-Year-Old Daughter On Album returns with her seventh studio this Friday and the singer discussed overcoming trying times in her life creating her forthcoming record.

It7;s mindblowing to believe that it7;s been 6 years since  released her self-titled debut album. The has moved from television to film to topping the music charts effortlessly, and on Friday (July 1), she7;s closing out the month by sharing her seventh studio album, B7. The celebrated R0;Vocal BibleR1; has endured much throughout her career, and now she7;s back as claims she7;s ready to show a side of herself that the world has yet to see now that she7;s through a rebirth.

Fans have awaited a new project from the singer for eight long years, but it often takes time for artists to pull together an they deem worthy of releasing.  will put out on Brandy7;s label Brand Nu/eOne and it7;s reported by EurWeb that she7;s both co-written and co-produced on every song. shared with the outlet that following both her personal and professional setbacks, she decided to on a spiritual journey to realign with her self.

R0;I was down and out, like I didn’t know my worth or my value and that is not a great place to creatively or in life,R1; said Brandy. R0;And I had to muster up the strength to fight for myself. In moving forward I had to overcome a lot of things in my that I had experienced and I had to rediscover who as a woman and who as an artist.”

On , fans will also see  unite musically with her 8-year-old daughter, Sy7;rai Iman Smith. “It’s unbelievable to see her grow into this beautiful flower. She’s been attached and in music, just being around it since she was a baby,R1; the singer said. R0;But to see her grow into this singer and musician. To see her so good, to see her get into the studio, layer her voice and stack her vocals. And to so quick and also passionate. She really loves music, it’s just who she is. And to hear our voices blended together and to back and forth. It’s inspiring to see her in her light.”

Are you excited for B7?


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